• Strong AF Bracelet- Little Words Project

Strong AF Bracelet- Little Words Project


Wear your strength on your wrist with this Strong AF beaded bracelet. Show the world you're Strong AF and never let anyone dull your shine! Make any look pop with this versatile bracelet, and express yourself while on the go. Get strong, stay strong - Strong AF>

-Connect. Live. Give.

Connect your bracelet for exclusive access to Nice Nations's online community.  Enjoy early access, exclusive offers and connect with fellow embers.  Follow your Word's journey as you pass it on to someone who needs it more.  A win all around!

  • Hand crafted, acrylic and crystal beaded bracelet with silicone discs.
  • High performance elastic for a slight stretch to easily roll on and off your wrist
  • Stacks well with all bracelets
  • Handle with care do not wet
  • Fits of to 6.25" Wrist Comfortably
  • Prop 65 Compliant